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I've sold and bought many computer parts on this website, it is hands down one of the easiest places to get rid of unwanted hardware or to get new stuff. The low fees compared to e...

I am genuinely pleased with the customer service and the site itself feels nicely laid out. I do like listing my own products on here rather than *large competing e-commerce compan...

Going into this considering it was a semi new site was a little skeptical but it was a very nice experience and made very well. Everything was super easy, straight forward and the ...

Key Features

Buyer Protection

PC Swaps Buyer Protection covers any item that is damaged or not as advertised in the listing.

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Seller Protection

If the buyer has not marked the item accepted within 3 days, then we automatically release the funds to you.

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Easy Shipping

All you need to do is print the label, attach it to the package, and drop it off at the correct courier.

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Lowest Fees

Our selling fee is 8% TOTAL. No hidden fees or extra costs.

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